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The game went a long way since the previous version and it looks like it got much improved. I am a little bit worried about the steering because it's seems difficult for character to distinguish a slide from a roll. Nevertheless it's a funny and goofy game.

Thank you so much for sharing your game experience with us.

In the video, you didn't try to attack the hoover. Could you tell me why?


I was too exhausted to bother with him.


It's a good one. I can't stop laughing. 


cool game! I loved the art. There were extremely frustrating moments where my head would roll off the side of furniture and glitch my whole body out until i died, but other than that it was solid. 


Thanks. : )

Do you find those silly glitches funny? Or is it only appears annoying and unfair?

We really would like to know on what level the game humous players.

the glitches where my head is off the side of the map or in a place where I can't see are extremely annoying, but the rest are fine. There was also no indication that I was able to climb walls, so it took me a short moment to infer that was what i was supposed to do on the third level, but I still figured it out pretty fast. Not sure if that was your intention. 

I see. 

Thanks for letting me know the problems. Nomnom. 

Me everyday

Me too.

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