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You are exhausted, but why not sleep?

A 3D crawling platformer about ordinary people’s exhausting lives. Play as an exhausted person, evade comfy pillows, smash photo frames and flower pots, brawl with vacuum cleaners, and do everything you can to fight the drowsiness.

This game is an update of Lancelot’s Yet Another Exhausted Day from Ludum Dare 39. It is in development, and may change in the future.

Updates: Susan's story and Bob's story is available now. See update details, or download to play.


  • Sliding on the floor like a fool.
  • Trying anything to stay awake.
  • Weird and humorous slices of life.

Mouse Control

  • Turn: Move cursor.
  • Slide: Click & hold, then release.
  • Roll:  Right click & hold, then drag sidewards.

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更新:新增王大龄与袁晨旭2个故事,含18个关卡。查看 v021 更新详情,或点击下载。


  • 缓慢,笨拙地蠕动。
  • 强打精神与困意硬钢。
  • 魔性节奏和生活气息。


  • 转向:鼠标指针方位
  • 冲刺:按住左键蓄力,然后松开
  • 翻滚:按住右键,朝身体侧面拖拽


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Published 10 days ago
Made withUnity
Tags3D Platformer, dailylife, realism
Average sessionA few minutes
LanguagesEnglish, Chinese (Simplified)
AccessibilitySubtitles, One button


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My GOD DOGGING GOSH! (Yes...I did say that) I will say this was a great game! The rage aspect of the game was wonderful to play, even though I raged at Bob 24/7 in my video. Plus there was 3 different people to go through after you finish one of them! That was a nice touch as well for an indie title!

Hi DatMasterHunts

You made us laugh so much. 

My apologies for the bug that brings your character back to the beginning room. We've fixed it now.

Thank you for the video. It's so funny. : )

Hey! I really enjoyed playing this game and it had me laughing the entire way through! I thought that some of the levels were a bit difficult, especially the last one I covered, but all in all I still enjoyed it! I made a little video on it to just show you my experience in the game, all though the addition of that new character coming soon did make me wish that I had waited a bit to play the game, however it was still fun nonetheless! 

That was definitely a fun but frustrating game at parts. But very well done! I'm glad I found this one.

Youtuber: ForgedByGames




Thanks for the fun game! I found the middle levels to be much more challenging than the later levels, but overall it was a fun experience. I can relate as I too struggle to get through the day.

This game was pretty fun as well as quite difficult later on. I had a great time with this game despite my attempt to being really lazy in this game cuz player is tired so I put myself in this most tired situation as well XD
Hopefully u guys will have a good time =)


Nice job stealing lancelot's fucking ideas you piece of garbage.

Actually, the game lancelot made was a prototype that wasn't meant to be a full game, but his team decided to make it a full game anyways!



We are the same team who works with Lancelot. 

In simple words, this prototype is a more polished version of it's predecessor originated from Ludum Dare 39.

We clearified it on Lancelot's page as well. : )


Hi Team! I've very much enjoyed this game, as far as feedback goes, I think for some of the earlier missions I got a bit too confused about the different between 'roll' and 'push'. I think maybe the game would benefit from a stage that clearly shows the use for 'push', and then one that clearly shows the use of 'roll' at the beginning. Rather than both commands being given to us at the same time. It seems very simple, but because the controls for this game are so unique, even experienced games might need a twice demonstration. 
Thanks for a great game :)

Hi friend : ) 

Thank you very much for the very practical solution. It helps us looking from a fresh perspective.

Yet Another Exhausting Day is more challenging than I expected when I started playing. Amusing visuals and sounds hide the true struggle of fighting off sleep, barely able to control your own body and make it through your day. For some, this probably hits really close. After playing this, however, I'm glad I don't need sleep...

The controls feel a bit clunky at times, especially the rolling around part, but this is an otherwise enjoyable game. Good job, devs.

Hi Skydjinn

Thank you so much for pointing out the control problems and how it can overly frustrate players in such details. This really helps us to better evaluate the balance between a sleepy experience and the appropriate difficulty level.

We are very eager to find out what exactly is the game’s uniqueness when compared with so many other interesting games. From your video, i sout of assume for you it’s the crawling action in a platformer style that is refreshing. Is that right? Or could you add a bit more to help us understand? 

It's somewhat relieving to hear my feedback was appreciated. I usually feel a bit wary about being negative toward a game in my videos.

The crawling around and having to guide and time the movements was the unique part to me, yes. While I have played some puzzle style games where timing movements was a key feature, the way you implement that in your game feels both new and amusing.

This made me laugh a lot, I wasn't expecting to have so much in common with the character. (Murikami fan, always tired, city job etc).

Really fun concept although I think the roll function and the push/move forward function sharing the same button feels a little off.

Great game and hope it does well for you! :)

Thanks for sharing your play with us Geg.

Your advise on the controls really gives insight.

May I ask what interest you the most from the game, as it is the question we are hopping to find out in this prototype demo.

By the way, Murikami’s books are really famous here in China as well. We are all fans.

You're very welcome, I was happy to test it!
For me the most interesting aspect of the game has to be the simplicity of the concept and the way this translates in your game design. Ragdoll games (like Yet another exhausting day, Human fall flat, Gang beasts, etc) really make you feel like you're engaged with the game, along with creating hilarious poses and situations you can't find with fixed animation.
I hope I explained myself well enough and that it is helpful to you!

Hey, the term 'Ragdoll games' and your view point are  so inspiring. 

We've been wondering why people seem to like this game. Listened to you, it makes so much sense.

I'm happy it helped!


isn't this just a rip off of yet another exhausted day??? 


Hi CandyMan

It’s not, because we are the team who made the LD demo Yet Another Exhausted Day.

We thought “exhausting” is better, so we changed the name. This new prototype aims to help us evaluate how players like some new gameplays we are experimenting. 

If you liked the previous demo, we are looking forward to know how you think about this one. : )


well I did not think this game could get harder but you have done it lol join me on my descent into madness 

Hi Rhys Da King

Thanks for sharing your play. It’s so hilarious watching it.

Finding the appropriate difficulty for this game is something that we are still experimenting now. Your video gives very valuable feedback. 

haha thanks mate I’m happy you enjoyed the video it’s was loads of fun to play look forwould to a full game.


Controls are hard but, this is a fun game that challenges you to to figure out how to stay awake!

Hi Raithias

Could you describe how the controls are annoying your experience?

We are trying many things to simulate the gaming experience of a sleepy person. Some feedbacks from you could really help us rethink about the designs. : )

I mean controls are hard to do the way they are mapped on the mouse instead of keyboard.


Hey, played a lil' bit of this on my channel. Feels really solid! Also, very relatable. 

Thanks for the  recommendation. Your episodes cover image and  title sequence is very stylish. Impressive.

Trying to roll over the moving pillow is a really creative solution. : )


Of course, and thank you! And I thought the rolling might destroy the pillows, 'cus it seemed to do that in an earlier level. :P (was that because of the caffeine?)

The pillows can be destroyed by the broken glasses come from picture frames. 

And yes, although the caffeine won’t help you destroy pillows, it does offer a short time invincibility.


You've got here a really fun game based on a real-world problem. The controls and the physics work well most of the time and even when you fail, it's hilarious to see the guy slide all over the place. The levels are in this empty void and I think it suits the theme of the game. I noticed a glitch on the caffeine tutorial level, the character's arms and legs waved all around like crazy, but it didn't affect the gameplay.

I'd love to invite this game to our contest, the Game Development World Championship!

Thank you for your kind recognition and valuable feedbacks.

We really appreciate your contest invitation. We enrolled the game! : )

(1 edit) (+1)

Thank you very much and best of luck!



: )


The game went a long way since the previous version and it looks like it got much improved. I am a little bit worried about the steering because it's seems difficult for character to distinguish a slide from a roll. Nevertheless it's a funny and goofy game.

Thank you so much for sharing your game experience with us.

In the video, you didn't try to attack the hoover. Could you tell me why?


I was too exhausted to bother with him.


It's a good one. I can't stop laughing. 


cool game! I loved the art. There were extremely frustrating moments where my head would roll off the side of furniture and glitch my whole body out until i died, but other than that it was solid. 


Thanks. : )

Do you find those silly glitches funny? Or is it only appears annoying and unfair?

We really would like to know on what level the game humous players.

the glitches where my head is off the side of the map or in a place where I can't see are extremely annoying, but the rest are fine. There was also no indication that I was able to climb walls, so it took me a short moment to infer that was what i was supposed to do on the third level, but I still figured it out pretty fast. Not sure if that was your intention. 

I see. 

Thanks for letting me know the problems. Nomnom. 

Me everyday

Me too.